Black denim shorts

I stopped Sarah who pulled off her headphones to let me take this shot.  Her shorts are from Topshop.  The boots are Doc Martens (get them here) and the sleeveless shirt is by Jane’s Closet boutique in Brooklyn.

How cute are her retro headphones?  They’re a trend that’s been all over New York for a while. It’s literally shifted from the discreet white plug ins to brightly coloured retro headphones.  It’s function and fashion for both sexes. My friend told me that he would often test his headphones against phono preamp supplies to check if they could deal with higher volumes. It might be worth doing yourself.

Do you guys remember these ones I shot on another girl a few weeks ago?  They sort of make the outfit – especially in a bright colour no?

Check out Urban if you’re considering.  This model back stage at Anna Sui is wearing their red ones.

I’ve tried on a few styles myself but not pulled the trigger.  Anyone considering?


  1. The girl in Oslo says:

    Looks like a very sweet girl 🙂
    From a rainy Oslo have a great day

  2. magdalena says:

    ohh you look awesome!

  3. Amanda says:

    I’m currently craving a pair of DM’s – even more so now!


  4. Kat says:

    Love the headphones. It kind of perfectly completes her outfit!


  5. Carla Hobt says:

    I love your blog’s concept ! It s very original and so cool ! I like read you ! 🙂

    Let s have a look on my blog, I begin it so I need views and comments ! Thanks

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