Keep it?

Maxi dress

printed maxi dress
Maxi dress

Dress: Consignment (more print maxis).  Gladiator sandals: Steve Madden.  Fringe bag: Foley & Corinna vintage (bought years ago).  Cuff: East London street market.  Shades: Ray Ban

A floor sweeping dress I’ve worn only what? twice?  Basically once a summer.  

I did a massive clear out this week in the basement and it’s made me think I should let this dress go.

Is a once a year wear enough to justify keeping it especially with this big long printed dress by DVF?

Which one between the two should I toss in the shop? I’m thinking this one should go…


  1. sof.ka says:

    Only if you have to! This is my favorite combination of colours – blue, white, pink and brown. I never get tired of that!

  2. Cari says:

    Both dresses are gorgeous, I would keep both!!!you have such exquisite taste for dresses and so lucky to find them in unique prints.


  3. chocolatefashioncoffee says:

    well the other one is prettier, but I love this dress as well! 🙂

  4. magdalena says:

    oo you look gorgeous!

  5. iamwildatheart says:

    I could never let any of thoose dresses go. They are absolutely fabulous and they look amazing on you! So I say they are both keepers! 😉

  6. Ilona says:

    I think the structure of this dress is more interesting. It compliments your back nicely. So I’ll be the dissenting opinion and say keep this one.

  7. Felicity says:

    It’s a gorgeous cut, especially at the back – but personally I think the Diane Von Furstenberg on is more “you” and it’s more of a unique look, so I’d keep that one and get rid of this one, if I had to choose! x

  8. forefrontfash says:

    DO A GIVEAWAY! I would da-die for this dress! DIE.

  9. Mari says:

    I’d keep em both. They are fantastic dresses, esp that DVF – AMAZING!!!

  10. Mari says:

    Both beautiful dresses. Love the DVF – amazing!!!

  11. Anonymous says:

    I vote to toss the DVF – I love this dress on you!

  12. Alexandria says:

    This one is the keeper 🙂

  13. Sing says:

    Neither, why would you even consider it? They are both beautiful.

  14. stace says:

    Keep, you will be sorry later

  15. Taylor B. says:

    It’s pretty and looks great on you but if you don’t wear it, don’t hang on to it.

  16. Kelly McBride says:

    This dress looks absolutely stunning on you, and the print is so beautiful and unique. I think you should totally keep it!

  17. Lolitta says:


  18. BougieHippie says:

    Toss it! cute print horrible cut. You dont even wear it.

  19. Anonymous says:

    keep the DVF!

  20. Shayne Renee says:

    If you’re thinking about getting rid of it then get rid of it. I only keep clothes that I love 🙂

  21. Anonymous says:

    I like them both on you, so I say: keep them both. But as I know clearing up your closet is always about choices, I think the DVF is the one to keep. Good luck!

  22. Lorraine Gowdie says:

    I love both of them equally. If you decide to sell one of them I would love to have one. I’m 5′ 10″ and it impossible for me to find a maxi dress that reaches my ankles.

  23. Lorraine Gowdie says:

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  24. Diamantina says:

    Keep them both

  25. Cynthia says:

    Keep both. You are breath taking in the DVF

  26. Anonymous says:

    toss the DVF so i can pounce on it haha! but no keep the DVF if anything and toss this..OR heres a thought..keep both! they are gorgeous!


  27. Mismikado says:

    Love this one… The cut of the dvf reminds me too much of a vagina do I would toss that one :-

  28. Mismikado says:

    I love this one! The dvf reminds me too much of a vagina so I would let it go…