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Neon shirt, jeans, chucks + clutch seen before in this post.
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Lucky Brand & ELLE recently invited bloggers to a Denim Fitting Party to preview the Fall collection at their NY showroom.

Everyone tried on different denim fits and washes based on our body type.  I was relieved that they had jeans for my shape: cut higher at the back, stopping the annoying gap in the waist I always get.  #curvesacknowledged

I’m picky with jeans so it says a lot to find more than 1 that worked.  I ended up with the Cate and Charlie skinnies.   Outfit posts in them to follow.


  1. Stefany says:

    the neon shirt is amazing

  2. Mlle W says:

    jeans galore & skittle nails…hop you had fun

  3. Darby says:

    Oh good to know they have jeans that are cut higher at the back because I have the exact same gap problem! Drives me nuts 🙁 I’m excited to find out which ones work for you pretty lady!
    Obviously Obsessed 

  4. Ria says:

    Love that neon shirt. Neon decisions are always so hard.

  5. Ria says:

    Totally mean JEAN decisions not neon lol.

  6. Chandra says:

    That neon shirt is AMAZ-ING!!!!


  7. Chandra says:

    That neon shirt is AMAZING!!!


  8. 123 says:


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