How To Update Your Denim Shirt

denim shirt

I don’t know what’s got into me lately but I’ve been doing a rash of little DIY’s.  Here’s another quickie for updating a denim shirt –  an old standby!

You will need:

1 light denim shirt (the one above is shown as an example)
Spray bottle with bleach. Make sure bottle has an adjustable nozzle
Large bucket with water
Plastic cover to protect the ground/surface

tie dye denim shirt

1.  Submerge shirt in bucket of water and wring out excess.
2.  Lay out on flat surface as shown below.
3.  Spray random areas with bleach. Switch spray nozzle between a mist and a jet of bleach. Make sure to do front and back of the shirt.


4.  Once faded spots show enough, submerge and rinse a little in water to stop further bleaching.

tie dye denim shirt

5.  Place in washer/dryer and voila!  

One old denim shirt gets refreshed and your bleaching preference makes it unique to you.   

tie dye denim shirt

I’m wearing mine over leather skinnies as soon as it gets cool enough.   Boyfriend shorts till then….

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