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Free People Mesh Lace Dress

Lace Dress
Free People Lace Dress
Lace Dress
Free People Mesh Lace Dress

Dress: Free People. See all dresses here.  Boots: Asos Ames (on sale).  Fedora: Asos (similar). Bag: Vintage Coach

A lace dress that I’ve had my eye on (love the v shape front and back hem).

Wore it with a vintage coat.  I know I know a coat when it’s not justifiably cold yet but I was so chuffed to find it at a vintage shop upstate that I wore it anyway. What the heck.   I’ll post pics later today in the coat before it came off.

Surplus pics on facebook.

See you in a bit…


  1. Mlle W says:

    totally love ph. 2 and the way you wear the dress with the booties

  2. Helen says:

    That is hands down one of the nicest dresses I’ve seen in a while. Love the Ames in black, I have them in taupe and I find them so hard to walk in even though I’m not too bad with heels normally!

  3. Anonymous says:

    Great dress, but really love the necklace, where is it from?

  4. BESOS LYNN says:

    Please stop by my blog and enter my FIRST giveaway!!!!!
    Besos, Lynn

  5. Jenny Ekberg says:

    Oh Karen, I love this dress so much.

  6. says:

    Love the dress! The coat is also just, awesome. Can’t beat vintage coats. The way the dress fits, makes me reconsider lace again. Just looks so lovely and elegant.

  7. Derrar says:

    this dress is flawless

  8. Ticka says:

    This dress is so pretty! Love it with the booties!

  9. Live TV says:

    Marvelous 🙂 :-*

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