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JCrew Everly calf hair shoes

I needed leopard heels to replace the old ones I’ve been wearing.  These are the best I’ve found online that feel sexy enough.  Bonus that these are actually comfortable.   I want to wear them with skinnies, boyfriend denims and ankle socks.

Found them here.


  1. Mlle W says:

    I agree about them being sexy enough without compromising on comfort: that is real sexiness, and not staggering after walking on shoes for 5 minutes

  2. Angela says:

    purring just looking at them, so nice!

  3. Michelle Jailine says:

    these are puuuurrrfect! hehe omg and yes they would look adorable with socks and boyfriend jeans!

  4. Camilla says:

    they’re purrfect (pun totally intended haha), no but seriously they look amazing

    xo Camilla

    Into The Fold

  5. doesallthistrulymakeyouhappy? says:

    $350?! Sorry, nothing unique about ’em. But, whatever makes you happy. Enjoy.

  6. Maggie Adofo says:

    I am wayy too excited to see you style them!

  7. Steph B-More says:

    so chick. I love them.

  8. Candy Coated Cashmere says:

    Very nice! I wish I had the budget for shoes like this but I guess I will settle for my cheaper version from Target.

  9. Live TV says:

    I like this 🙂

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