Vintage Trinkets

I stopped this girl in the East Village in Manhattan.

How gorge is her large necklace?  Best part is her wearing it with a basic (and ridiculously super soft) vest.

Oh and another thing: while shooting her I thought these were the best faux leather shorts I’ve seen in ages and that belt!  I have a pair of faux leather shorts and love how they wear in like real leather.  Her’s are perfect.   I saw some good faux ones here.  Perfect with oversized jumpers like this.


  1. balayage hair says:

    Wow what a necklace. Looks amazing. So trendy and in fashion. Really like the style. Its in fashion nowadays to wear these kind of long necklaces.

  2. Steph B-More says:

    She looks great and so carefree.

  3. Live TV says:

    Oh!! nice one 🙂

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