Gifts For The Girls!!

Holiday Gifts for the Girls

I’m still figuring out Christmas gifts for my girlfriends.   Pretend you are shopping for yourself because chances are they’ll like it too. 

Above is a small list of things I genuinely would get for myself (I have # 2 and #8) and so are my suggestions to get for a friend of yours.

Everything here is less than $100, most are under $50 (only #6 is over). 

1.  Ice Burst Drop earrings at 
Bauble Bar (free shipping).  Stunning and a great price (I actually want these).
2.  Aromatics Elixir by 
Clinique (free shipping).  Gets compliments every time I wear it.
3.  Croc Frame Crossbody clutch from 
Topshop.  A good optional clutch.
4.  Clasp bag by Warehouse at Topshop.  

5.  Hema Pyramid Cuff at Bauble Bar (free shipping). Good as a single or in a pair. 
6.  Alexander Wang leopard print wallet from Ssense (on sale). I have a similar version here used daily.
7.  Lipstick in Depth by Topshop.  Can be worn sheer or built up for a stronger look.
8.  Aveda ‘Warmth’ scented candle from Nordstrom (free shipping). A favourite I’m burning right now.  Has a noticeable ginger and herb scent. 
9.  Fire Gypsy Bib necklace at Bauble Bar (free shipping).  Looks like a vintage find.
10. Duet silver stud earrings by Bing Bang.   Small enough to wear daily.
11. Torres printed slip-ons from Topshop (free ship on $50+ orders).  Love the thick white sole.

ps. Asos is doing 50% off on shoes here + free ship. Love these ones as a good gift option. 

 ☆ A gift guide for the guys is coming soon! ☆


  1. Janine says:

    Ooh I wish I had seen that necklace before I bought my Mum’s Christmas pressie, oh well I may just have to spoil her and buy this TOO!! Mums need spoiling don’t they?!

    Lovely post, thanks for finding these, they have given me some good ideas.

    Janine xx

  2. Live TV says:

    Nice 🙂

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