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Quick scans from Elle UK Nov issue

If I don’t find inspiration on the streets then it’s editorial and in my head I want to wear these looks right now.  Well not exactly right now but in January when I’m back – but yes.

Everything here is do-able.  Looks like all you really need is a polo neck (preferably striped) or a collared shirt under an embellished or geometric print shift dress plus wool crop trousers with block platform boots or a chunky heel. God this is fkg brilliant layering.  Mish mash perfection.

Try these looks:


  1. The White List says:

    I agree with ya! This is bloody brilliant!

  2. Aspyn J. says:

    someone must have paid you to say this looks good, because this looks effing retarded. but then again, i guess when you get paid to do this, your better judgement and actual taste go out of the window.

  3. Jodie Melling says:

    There are some amazing pieces here! I love it <3 my favorite is the black & white dress from the first picture. It’s way out of my price range though haha.
    Please check out my blog jodie182.blogspot.com

  4. Live TV says:

    Outstanding 🙂

  5. Havaianas says:

    These are some unique dress ideas for the New Year. Perspex shoes are really adorable.

  6. Pyjamas says:

    It looks outstanding. The design just stands out from the rest of the pack which in fashion is just something you don’t see all the time.

  7. Made to measure shirts says:

    Nice outfits, especially love the second one a lot. All theses colours are matching with your hair and skin colour.

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