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sandro coat

sandro coat

Sandro coat

Here’s a recent look in the asymmetric hem quilted skirt with a mens black jumper.  Why don’t they make ones for women cut like this?  It’s always the mens section that has the best basics.  This coat could’ve been unisex too when you think about it if was cut wider.   I really like the leather collar and have gone off black leather sleeved coats and jackets. I still have one (do I sell it?) and I altered the other by cutting the leather sleeves off to wear it as a long waist coat instead.

This coat is by Sandro (on sale),  the tights are H&M, the boots are Balenciaga and the wallet is a find years ago from a random shop midtown.

Today is Wednesday (hair cut day).  Thank you for sharing your thoughts on what to do.  Ugh, it’s like I’m going to the bloody dentist!

ps. Check out my feature in Glamour.com  where I’m dishing on my staple beauty products.  I really use these all the items all the time (as long time readers know).  Thank you Glamour and for having me  included in such great company!

Try this look: 


  1. Kiwi Fashion Blog says:

    Karen I love your tight, only question, are you cold since the tight looks very sheer!

  2. Anonymous says:

    where is the skirt from? gorgeous

    • Karen says:

      It was made by a blogger called Dark Wings City

  3. FashMags says:

    I love it!


    • Karen says:

      mens sweaters = perfect

  4. fashionfollowsher says:

    Love the purse…..I also have a tiger print purse and I love it too.

  5. Marian says:

    Me again :-)…I’m everywhere

    In the first picture… is that your reflection in the window with the hat a shades on?? Looks really like you..


    • Karen says:

      Holy crap that looks like a ghost! I didn’t notice that until you mentioned it! no it’s not me

  6. Esonia says:

    I’m obsessing on the wallet!!!!!

    • Karen says:

      Thanks! It’s my fave. I use it daily

  7. Esonia says:

    I’m obsessing on the wallet.

  8. fashioningmylife says:

    Love everything about this outfit! you look great

  9. Melina says:

    Wicked outfit. I love how Raybans totally complete everything.
    Melina x

  10. Live TV says:

    Awesome baby 🙂

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