I had to ask Kadima in St Lucia



Stunning right?  This is Empress Kadima – the title in front of her name is one that she strongly believes in and feels she  deserves.  Her clothes are locally made.  Her jewellery is made by a local St. Lucian. Her bag is from St Lucia and designed by Shanti Man.

Why I love it:

How good is it to come across a woman who’s clothes directly mirror her culture and beliefs.  Using style to convey your identity and to inspire others without even knowing it is one of the reasons I photograph others.  When self empowerment and pride are added, especially amongst women, it’s brilliant.  Erykah Badu and Lauren Hill came to mind when seeing Kadima.

Any of these bags alone remind me of Empress Kadima’s look plus cultures like Africa, India and Morocco.

Trying global chic this spring:


  1. Em says:

    what a smile! she definitely has the confidence to work that outfit!

    hope you are doing well in St. Lucia! Don’t come back yet, it’s still below 40!


  2. Lolitta says:


  3. Mlle W says:

    yes, this is Pride with the capital P

  4. Anonymous says:

    Jah Rastafari

  5. RockTheBallerina says:

    she is pretty…



  6. mak says:


  7. Anonymous says:

    I love to see you profile fellow St. Lucians on yor blog. Truly amazing

  8. royalpriestess says:

    No rudeness intended, but I must politely point out that Africa is a CONTINENT of various countries and vastly different cultures, not an individual country like India and Morocco.

    Unintended I’m sure, but it’s a commonly made mistake in the media that I think is important enough to point out.

    This lady’s face is fresh and fabulous!

  9. M.Maria Rhoden says:

    Rastafari Empress. This is how we trod!no assimilation. Stay BEAUTİFUL & BLESSED!

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