Rebecca Minkoff mini box bag

Jeffrey Campbell Whip-2 boots
Rebecca Minkoff mini box

Studded sweatshirt

Studded sweatshirt: H&M (saw loads at the midtown 5th ave location).  Leather mini skirt: Vintage/thrift. Bag: Rebecca Minkoff (straps removed).  Ankle boots (bought 2/3 yrs ago): Jeffrey Campbell. Blazer: Silence & Noise from Urban Outfitters
I should wear this sweatshirt the next time I’m traveling through an airport just to see if it passes security.
You know when you find something and think “that’s from where??”  At H&M the sales assistant held up the sweatshirt: “damn that’s from here? What are you going to wear it with? leggings?”  Me: “Probably a leather mini.”  So said – so done. 
I know I like a good DIY but even this embellishment is too much to attempt although I could do it if I had the time (I still have these self-studded boots and this studded bag).  A how-to post on embellishing your own sweatshirt is coming up soon though…

Try this look:


  1. Jane says:

    I’m in love with your bag <3 It’s perfect !!

  2. Domonique Wilson says:

    So into the way you styled this sweater, it totally has the possibility to look kinda cheap, but you make it so editorial! Love it!


  3. Rhymes With Fashion says:

    I was so excited to see this look after your teaser last week! That sweatshirt is totally bomb, you could wear it with anything (looks great with the leather though)!

  4. Eat.Style.Play says:

    Well I’ll be headed to H&M after work to see if i can get my hands on one of these!

  5. Michelle Collins says:

    The sweater!!! I am going to dream about it until I buy it!

  6. Sinead says:

    Wow! Perfect. Everything.

  7. Karen says:

    Eat.Sleep.Play – LMK if you find one!

    Dominique Wilson – I know what you mean but it doesn’t look so in real life. Was very surprised

    Jane – so am I thank you! It works well cross body or clutch. I like the thick silver strap that comes with it for cross body. Very chunky.

  8. PinkCheetahVintage says:

    WOW!! I love it. Going to have to go to H&M and check it out. That would be too much DIY for me… It’s amazing with the leather skirt.

  9. Trendy Mondays says:

    What a great piece to have in your wardrobe!!! Excited for the DIY studded sweatshirt!

  10. commeilfaut says:

    sooo me…


    comme il faut

  11. the style potato says:

    woooow i bought mine last week and i had thoughts of returning it because i didn’t think i could pull it off. now after seeing this post, i’m going to try it myself! thanks for the inspiration! 🙂


    I knew I should have bought this sweatshirt the other day…but I thought it was too heavy? Is it heavy? I could only imagine my shoulders killing me at the end of the day.
    I really love the outfit, it looks great.



  13. Maggie Adofo says:

    I don’t know what H & M you shop from but you NEED to share the wealth!

    Maggie A.
    Love Scrapbook

  14. Viv says:

    That’s awesome that they H&M sale associate had no idea that top was from there.. you wear it well!


  15. Anonymous says:

    I snagged the last one in Vegas Caesar’s Place..thank goodness I called and had it put on hold; (size 10). Tried it on, alas too too big. The salesgirl had one in 8 just about to be put back; snagged it.I remarked there were none on the floor. As I was walking around the store with it, a man stopped me and asked where in the store did I get that. I took him back to the fitting room and he grabbed the 10. I did my good deed.. fashion karma. I was thinking I must look silly with the studded shirt and my studded motorcycle leather jacket.

    I was even thinking of after a few wears to cut the waistband off of the top..

    Lindsey via Vegas

  16. Karen says:

    Anon – Wow what a fluke! i have the same size a you the 8. The 4 fits me but I wanted it to be oversized/slouchy. So glad you grabbed one!!!

    Maggie Adofo – mentioned it above – got it from the midtown 5th avenue flagship shop!! IT was near the front to the right as you enter. Not sure if it’s moved since then a few days ago.

    Nicole Solimano – it’s heavy but not OMG I can’t wear this. It’s good enough at least for me.

    The Style Potato – definitely pair it with solids/plains underneath and you’ll be fine I think : )

  17. Vivi N. says:

    That sweater/sweatshirt/awesomeness is pretty dope. I liked how you styled it with the cream blazer. Nice touch.

  18. the style potato says:

    oh just so you know — decided to keep it. yep, wearing it with something plain/plaid or possibly denim works for me! couldn’t let it go 🙂 good word of advice again, thanks so much!!

  19. Aileen Awesome says:

    I can’t believe that sweater is from H&M either!! Great find!


  20. Aileen Awesome says:

    I can’t believe that sweater is from H&M either. Great find!!

  21. Anonymous says:

    It’s so pretty, I can’t believe it’s H&M.

    Is it from the Divided line? I didn’t find it in the one store I went to 🙁
    Is it for sale in Europe? Does anyone know?

  22. Anonymous says:

    Gosh, I just adore the sweatshirt, but being bustier, I’d look rather ridiculous in one of those. You look gorgeous though x

  23. Anonymous says:

    This is gorgeous..OMWord!! u exemplify the essence of effortless style….always……I follow u on fb n twitter @Earthgirlsun …..just can’t get enuf!!! sis is always asking…did u get ur fix today? lol……Love Love Love u, ur style…such innate quality and the way u juxtapose ur clothes with the most intriguing backdrops….everything tells a story!!! continued blessings in all aspects :)) xoxoox <3 <3

  24. Ms K says:

    I love this sweater, it looks fab and the whole outfit is pretty cool!

  25. Adam Voges says:

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