Know What to Keep



Sir Oliver making an appearance in the hallway…


Boots: Doc Martens.  Jumper: Zara for men.  Skinnies: Trash & Vaudeville

I got the Docs in Camden Town in London at the original Dr Martens shop  (remember this video when I was over there)? For those watching, apologies in advance for the camera see-sawing – wtf was I on?

After that black & white spring post below, I’m thinking more about what to keep and what to toss – especially boot wise. For me the Docs stay.

You know that ‘rule’ of if you’ve not worn it in (insert length of time) then toss it.  If I’d listened to that I’d have dumped these boots ages ago.

I say eff rules and keep what you bloody well want and toss what you want.  I only say that because I think we all really know what we should chuck anyway.

It’s just a matter of having the guts to do it.  Am I right?

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