Silver + Gold

vintage sequin top

zara suede wedge boots
zara suede boots
Balenciaga bag
zara wedge boots
Balenciaga city bag

Dress worn as a skirt: All Saints Top: Vintage (try this this or love this one) – how similar is this dress (on sale) to my top?   Bag: Balenciaga (old). Wedge booties: Zara Marant-inspired for sure (similars). Coat: Mens vintage/thrift (not seen in photo but check instagram for a pic). Gold necklace: Thrift (I like the size/length of this one.  Love this blow the budget one by Anndra Neen  Hat: Asos
Taking full advantage of the temp jump I wore a ‘hanger outfit.’ You know when you dump two pieces of clothes onto one hanger due to a lack of hangers?  Then later pull out that same hanger and you think: ‘actually those two pieces sort of work.’  It’s the hanger outfit. 
The dress you’ve seen before here uncovered.  The top is as heavy as a 1ILb dumbell and sparkles enough to probably blind car drivers.  Talk to me in the sunlight and it’s disco ball reflections on everyone’s faces. The boots you saw before the other day here with jeans. 
ps. A photo wearing this look with a vintage coat is on my instagram.

TIP:  Not new but worth repeating: Layer any loose fitting or straight cut dress under an oversized jumper/blouse to get endless skirt/top combo’s like this – sequins optional. Saves buying a skirt that you can re-create yourself.

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