Black + Florals

coach classics

Went out for an early evening with Michael recently and thought ‘right Karen – time to test out the boots.’

ray ban sunglasses
zara jacket
chloe sevigny for opening ceremony
coach bags

platform ankle boots

Black bomber: Zara (past season) Similar Asos bomber on sale.   Dress: H&M. Similars: Topshop’s Poppy, or Tattoo print w/ cut outs. Boots: Chloe Sevigny x Opening Ceremony. Similars: Loza platforms,  Topshop Alecto’s, Pheobe’s Bag: Coach.  Shades: Ray Ban (prefer these folded ones because they don’t angle forward).  Large ring: Vintage 
note. The mini is up the creek at the moment so we took the bus. 
The boots are like a stretchy elastic band with a platform and heel attached and we’re all aware that the words ‘high’ and ‘comfortable’ rarely co-exist (I have narrow feet). The only issue is taking the bloody things off.   Currently requires someone’s help unless you can imagine me sitting there yanking one heel every 20 seconds with breaks in between. It’ll get better.  Being all black they’re good outfit anchors. 
The tea dress is a good five years old. Remember this one I saw someone wearing with pixie boots? or this red spotty one which I’m currently looking for btw.   New or old, l can’t stop wearing them clearly: got my eye on a couple of these ones.  This Anna Sui looking one is right up there for starters.  Would be killer with a coat, tall skinny black suede boots and tights in October-ish.

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