Style Stalk: HOT

bell bottom jeans

High waisted denim spotted last week.   There’s just something about seventies/Charlie’s Angels high waisted jeans that is pure retro sex pot.

An extra pic of Robin is on instagram!


  1. Candy Coated Cashmere says:

    I thought this was picture from Sex and the City. I just thrifted some vintage high waisted Ralph Lauren denim and I can achieve a look like this.

  2. E Liquid says:

    More than sex and the city I was more thinking about hip 70’s. Maybe because of the bandana and the flares. Anyway you look hot.

  3. Anonymous says:

    I will be the lone voice of dissent then:I don’t think they flatter her at all. She is obviously a fit lady, but the pants just look too small. Thanks for reminding me about what I did not like about this type of jean.

  4. TheLovelyTashaP says:

    Loving the fit of the jeans!

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