White Summer

white maxi dress

Bloody hell.  New York is baking right now. I reckon I found this dress just in time.

Waiting to eat at one of my fave restaurants…

ray ban wayfarer
kurt geiger marcella sandals height=
white maxi dresskurt geiger

Dress: Solitaire Swim at TJ Maxx. Similar by Shop RuchasMelissa Odabash or Basta Surf (both on sale) Sandals: Kurt Geiger.  Hat: Walmart.  Bag: Thrift & DIY studded. Shades: Foldable Ray Bans.  Bracelet: House of Harlow: Found a similar from the line on sale. Necklaces: Jennifer Zeuner
I think the dress is meant as a cover up for swimming – hence the name.  I was actually in there looking for cycling shorts (don’t ask) when I saw it hanging on the end of an aisle.  I saw this crochet trim one online which’d be brilliant for right now as well. 

Outside of whites, ditsy prints are still my favourites in summer – remember this one on Dusty who I stopped once? Still haven’t forgotten it.


  1. ZxM Style-Squared says:


    • Karen says:

      True – it’s a safe bet really in summer

  2. Collections says:

    this is beyond stunning what a great outfit!

    • Karen says:

      Ugh my friends have told me it’s crap over there. I tell you nothing changes!!

  3. Suzy says:

    Very pretty dress! Good find! ;D

  4. Anonymous says:

    Funny you bring up the cycle shorts…found some for under dress/skirt thing (that’s what i wanted
    them for; a la 1990’s) at Charlotte Russe. They are more like a thick control top pantyhose
    with lace trim on legs. They are perfect for when the wind grabs the dress. That way no one
    sees the underwear.

    Stunning as always my London Lady!

    Lindsey via Vegas

    • Karen says:

      that’s what I use them for! Its to wear under short dresses lol!!

  5. Romantic Tea says:

    A white dress is always a good idea ! It looks so great on your skin 🙂

  6. Anonymous says:

    Lady in white are we!?!? *sO fresh & So clean, Outkast* your background music for this look.
    #Crispy #jusMajor #hellosummer

    Emily 😉

  7. Gudden - Online Shopping says:

    i honestly agree 100 percent with these tips! simplicity simplicity when it comes to a blog design! Also, crisp photos definitely draw me into a blog

  8. Tara Rice says:

    Ooooooh how gorgeous is this dress. I love white maxi dresses, just don’t often have the bright, sunny weather to wear them her in good old Blighty

  9. Brooke Davis says:

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  10. Sinead says:

    Gorgeous dress and you look fab in it. Now tell me: what kind of sunscreen are you using? I am especially interested in knowing what you use on your face. Have you found one that doesn’t leave chalky, white marks on your skin and that is at least SPF 30? If so, please share. I think we have similar skin tones and I have already had one melanoma removed. I really don’t want another!

    • Karen says:

      Hello love!

      I use SAGE. Google the brand. It’s Sage Skincare. They have a cream that’s spf 24 or 25. I use that year round. No white look and dries to nothing. That’s for the face : )

    • Sinead says:

      Thank you so much, Karen. I’ll try it!

  11. Kim says:

    Great look! Love NYC….glad there is sunshine!

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