Workers Denim

denim overalls

Wore this while shooting the Do-Over event at the Beer Club….

boater hat

debun dungarees

Dungarees: H&M (approx 3 years old). Saw similars by Singer22Topshop and Asos. Striped jumper: H&M.  Shoes: Vans.  Boater hat: New Orleans hat shop. Similars by Hartford York, Greenpacha, ShoebuyAsos,   Sunglasses: Ray Ban

These ones are a couple of sizes too big – I remember they didn’t have any smaller ones left.  At the time I almost walked away – bloody good thing that I didn’t!

The white stains down each leg are from wearing them while doing old DIY bleach projects.  So basically they’re my worker jeans. 

 The whites from an earlier post aren’t as destroyed.

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