I Had To Ask Jamie

denim overalls

There’s always someone in something that a bit effortless. At least it looks it.  For all I know she could’ve taken forever that morning.  I doubt it though.

Jamie’s dungarees are vintage (a brilliant place to find them) and the shoes are Zara.  I was drawn to the straight cut leg on her dungarees and the kitten heels.  At first glance these Free People’s are a close second.  I tried on a pair similar to Jamie’s in the week but they were too small.  The leg part was so tight it looked like I was in leggings with a bib attached.  Sexy.

I think she was on a lunch break so thanks Jamie for stopping.

ps. Anyone catch the cute pooch on the left? 
pps.  Tomorrow I pick a winner for the vintage jacket (see this post).  I’m picking an  instagram follower at random and yes I’ll ship worldwide.
Trying this look:

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