Lucky Strike

jcrew edie purse

Photos at the local fair this weekend.  I tried a couple of games (pic #3 with water guns) – didn’t win anything of course.

mini skirts

suede mini skirts
paper boy hat

jcrew edie purse

vintage american collection

jcrew edie
fashion blogs
fashion blogs

mini skirts

Tshirt: Vintage America Collection (on sale).  Skirt: Vintage. Similar by Joie and Couture du Cuir.   Bag: JCrew (on sale).  Shoes: Steve Madden (past season). Similars from Asos. Hat: H&M. Nails: Essie and Topshop.  
Biggest score was finding this vintage suede skirt this weekend. I’ve been after one like this for yonks and never found one in my size till now.  When leaving the fair our older neighbour gushed: “I used to have one of those skirts when I was younger! My daughter said I should’ve kept it!” I told her that she should have although I know we can’t keep it all resulting in us lucky sods striking gold on the ‘one mans trash equalling one mans treasure’ true saying.  
I’ll do a post soon on where I got it from so you can check out the place yourself.

ps. Is it just me or does the food sold at these places seem a bit dodgy?

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  1. little t says:

    Love this tee and on sale! Thanks for the tip xo

  2. Collections says:

    I am loving your shoes, I cannot believe they are steve madden!

  3. Style-Delights says:

    Wow..this skirt such a great find! And summer fun is evident by ur pics!!
    Hope you are having a wonderful day!
    Style-Delights Blog

  4. Xan says:

    Not a skirt that I would buy. But I like the way you combinated it. Also like the bag and the shoes. Hope you had fun at the fair.

  5. the style potato says:

    yep, i definitely agree, the food IS dodgy!!! but i love your outfit!! 🙂

  6. Maggie Adofo says:

    Lol, I definitely would skip a meal there if that’s an option.

    Love Mavin

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