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Hat: Walmart.  Try Black and Valdez.  Dress: HM.  Sandals: Steve Madden (old). Try the black Sam Eds. Bag: Madewell
I remember wearing this tunic dress the same day I bought it.

It was stupid hot out and I wore the wrong thing.  Found this tunic dress on clearance and changed into it right after lunch!

Trying this look:


  1. Collections says:

    Love this entire outfit, such a great dress!

  2. Laure says:

    Very nice dress.I love the color of the lips.I love pink!

  3. Zola Danger says:

    I’ve always wondered: What does one wear under short tunics, dresses, and skirts? I have a chronic fear of a gust of wind showing my goods LOL But, really, I’ve sheltered myself for far too long from anything short and breezy. Hotpants? Or just a natural confidence that screams “Oh well, you all just saw my ass!”


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