Tokio 7

Tokio 7


Remember I said I’d share 3 fave spots in New York?  Here’s the second one.

new york consignment shops

Shopstyle asked me to share 3 with you, one each week and I knew this one would be on the list.  I’m in this place on average every 6 weeks ish.  It is rammed with every designer you can think of at slashed price tags and the prices lower each week if items isn’t yet sold.

consignment shops in new york

I am obsessed with this Gucci jacket at the shop window.  I know full well that this probably retails for over $1K

fashion blogs

Should I try this one on? Beautiful space odessy-like print on a simple silk dress.

consignment stores

The shoe section is like a minaturized department store.  While there I spotted Chloe, Vivienne Westwood, Chanel, Gucci, Stella McCartney, Alexander Wang – the list goes on and is different with each visit.  They have a wide range of sizes too, not just the expected teeny ones.

Tokio 7


Cute yellow Balenciaga sandals.

consignment shops


Look at this Helmut Lang sea horse print blazer. I obviously don’t need this but by God…


…..after trying it on I was sold. I didn’t get it but mentally it was taken. It’s still online for full retail here.

Tokio 7

Look at this flowy jumpsuit.   That’s the thing about this place, you have know idea what you’ll see each time you visit which is why I prefer consignments over typical high street shops…


How the jumpsuit looked on…Didn’t take but a fun try on piece.

Phillip Lim jacket

Okay this really tempted me – a Phillip Lim leather moto jacket.  These retail around $2k, this one is less than $500.

Phillip Lim leather jacket


What do you reckon too big? You see what I mean though, always something tempting here.

tokio 7

Every rack is packed with designers. There are bags and sunglasses too by the way…

consignment stores

Another designer piece. The skirt part was extremely full – almost like a parachute or a brides dress. It’s $100.

Derek Lam shorts

Derek Lam soft leather high waisted shorts. God I need to wrap up this shoot and just leave.

designer mens shoes

You see designer mens shoes as you enter the shop and I always take a look. If I’m thinking about some dope shoe spotted online ie. Marni, Paul Smith,  Rodarte, Rick Owens, Chanel, Margiela, Jeremy Scott etc that I’ve seen online, chances are it eventually ends up here in the mens or women’s section. I’ve seen it happen so many times.

Tokio 7

Another jacket try on – this time a Helmut Lang leather jacket.

Tokio 7

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Jacket: Pearl River Mart.  Denim shorts: Levis (similar by Citizens of Humanity). Sandals: Dolce Vita. Hat: Walmart (close similar at JCrew).   Leather bag: Lotuff and Clegg. Shades: Ray Ban
I found Tokio 7 within the first year of moving to New York and have been coming here ever since.
Remember this Acne suede jacket and these Chloe trousers designed by Stella McCartney?  They are both from Tokio 7 and both were items I had wanted for about a year or longer after they were sold out everywhere.

I almost didn’t include this place in my top 3.  Not a secret to some but to many I speak to, including overseas visitors they’ve never heard of it and to me it’s the #1 place to visit before you go anywhere else for shopping.  Period.Location: East 7th and 2nd Avenue.

Read my 1st fave spot in New York in this post – I’m going back there this weekend.

Similars to what I wore:

ps. I’m still thinking about the Phillip Lim jacket.


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