3 Ways: Classic Trousers

two tone oxfords

About two weeks ago I did a shoot with LOFT to promote their re-designed trousers.  I had to style them 3 different ways based around my chosen theme: menswear of course ; -)
Look 1
I wanted to recreate a tuxedo look so added the LOFT shirt and jacket. I flipped the shirt collar to standing (to look more like a tux) and wrapped my own spotted tie around it.  Finished the look with my two tone brogues.

striped clutch

I almost wore their candy coloured striped clutch but saved it for the last look (see last photo!)


Last minute touch up with glossy eyelids!


Using the iPhone reflection to adjust the floppy tie

Loft pants

Look 2:
Styled the same trousers around their school boy-like navy blazer (I want this for Autumn) and their spotted shirt.  I added Michael’s neck tie and my own purple fedora.   Finished with LOFT’s embellished canary yellow clutch although I think either clutch would’ve worked!

Loft pants

 You’ll see in the shoot pics below that I switched from silver to black shoes. I also changed the blazer sleeves to long with the shirt peaking out to look like mens shirt cuffs – all teeny adjustments.


On location getting ready to stop a cab. I like that their trousers are slim enough to morph into a casual suit.


Airborn! Caught running into traffic to stop a cab. 


Look 3:
I went for a bit of mod 60s with the shirt under their striped jumper. I added my own jeweled broach at the collar, a newsboy cap and silver winkle pickers. Here’s that striped clutch, I loved it with this look.
I had a brilliant time doing this shoot with LOFT based around their re-designed trousers – plus I got to find a pair to fit my shape (back waist gape is my biggest problem).  See the trousers with vintage and  heels in this earlier post.  If you have a similar shape/issue, the style of my particular ones are Marisa ankle pant (they come in 3 different style names).  
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  1. Camilla says:

    These shots are so fun and the styling is perfecto!

    xo Camilla

    Into The Fold

  2. Anonymous says:

    This is a copy of a copy at best.

  3. Berty Morales says:

    Great post and amazing photos. Love the trousers and all of your many looks. Amazing!

  4. Maggie Adofo says:

    Look one is hands down my favorite! 🙂 … If Janelle Monae wore color in her life she would like like some of these looks.

    Love Mavin

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