Air Jordans

swing dress

vagabond sandals

white platform sandals

vagabond sandals
platform sandals

Dress: Asos.  I search under ‘swing dresses’ here to stock up. Shoes: Vagabond. Similars by Jeffrey Campbell  Bag: Coach.  Similar by Opening Ceremony. Sunglasses: Ray-Ban Clubmasters
 I’m wringing every last drop out of these poxy summer dresses before layering them all up next month with tights, jackets – you name it.  Although I love wearing those too so I am not complaining either way.  I reckon I’ve re-arranged my coats/jackets at least 3 times in anticipation. I know sad and/or desparate. 
So this is me in another swing dress.  Here’s another and here’s yet another.  They check off the boxes: Mini. Skims. Long sleeves. You know my list. 
These sandals remind me of giant lego feet: there’s enough chunkiness ugliness to offset anything cute-like. Wore them once aaallll day for fashion week with no worries outside of someone stepping on them.  A bit like guys worrying about their white Air Jordans but the girl’s version. Sort of…

Heck – I bet these are just as comfy (if running isn’t involved).

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