I’ve realized over time that colour is my best friend.


I cut the sleeves off this hot pink t-shirt to make it more masculine and added pinstriped grey slouchy trousers.  I lucked out having these mens braces in dark purple.



Speaking of purple, apparently 15% of New Yorkers wear purple undies (according to Hanes and the #UnderCoverColor campaign). I went full on purple bra and bottoms.  Feels good to wear something bright underneath. Check undercovercolor.com to see where the colour you wear ranks on the above graphic.



T-shirt and bra tank: Hanes.  Shoes: Elizabeth & James. Similars by Whisp. Mens braces: thrift/vintage. Hat: H&M. Similar by Emmanuelle or Genie Jordan.  Leopard wallet: Random. Try Wang (very similar), Jerome Dreyfus or Cleobella. Trousers: H&M: I love Shopbop’s cropped ones.  Lipstick: MAC ‘Show Orchid’ Sticker tattoo: from my friend’s daughter
This post is sponsored by HANES and Style Coalition
Summer’s officially done but I want to wear more colour in autumn and winter – too much choice around to stick with just black.


  1. Jewelle says:

    Loving this look Karen! Also, Forever21 has an almost exact version to these shoes, though in black…I got them yesterday and wore them today :-).

  2. Nikell says:

    Love this look! The colors are great. My nails were that color last week. I may need to repeat that mani (^_^)

  3. Berty Morales says:

    You look amazing and rocking this look! Now I want some suspenders!

  4. Angela Bowron says:

    My favorite part of this outfit is the hot pink tee! Is that a cheeky Tattly tatt I spy?

  5. Metrogypsie says:

    One word, charming.. J’adore.

  6. Ella Ava says:

    Its affordable in price this shirts is excellent and easy to work with, its a perfect style for the office wear…..I love the choice of colors and saw a huge verity of stylish shirts…. thanks Augusta T Shirts

  7. Sophie Sierra says:

    Bloody gorgeous! I love pink and purple together, not always seen but when it is… perfection!


  8. Diane A says:

    Love the look!

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