Route 82

summer maxi dress

maxi dress
cropped motor jacket
coach vintage bags

suede ankle boots

crop leather jacket

Jacket: Buffalo Exchange.  Dress: Gypsy 05. Similar by YF&B on sale.  Boots: Office. Similars by Ash. Bag: Coach. Necklace: DIY.  Small crucifix: Jennifer Zeuner
Another one of those tweaks to your outfits when you leave the house.  Great necklace but a bit much with the jacket. 
Loving the pants off this paint splattered jacket though (Union Jack patch on shoulder? wha whaaa?!).  Wore it with a strapless charcoal-like floor sweeper and ankle boots (surprise surprise).
p.s  I’ll make sure to update you with photos of what catches my eye during New York fashion week. Follow me on instagram if you want some of my quick uploads of shenanigans.  I will say though: I’m practicing relaxation techniques per the instagram graphic I posted on Thursday about needing strength.  Deep breaths Karen: Iiiiiiiin. Ouuuuuuutt. 
Trying this look:


  1. Ruda says:

    I love your jacket!!!! It’s gorgeous!!! <3

  2. Domonique Wilson says:

    You always find the most epic pieces whilst thrifting, ever so slightly jealous, ha! Ooh can’t wait to keep up to date with all your NYFW going on’s!


  3. GoldBlackMirror says:

    wow!!!this jacket is so amazing!!i love so much all the look

  4. Rhianne says:

    Love that necklace!

  5. PinkCheetahVintage says:

    Killing it!! I can see how the necklace might end up being too much with the jacket… But, still bad@ss.

  6. Anonymous says:

    oooooh i loooooooove buffalo exchange and thrifting in general. you find the most unique and wonderful items, it’s like a treasure hunt!!!

  7. Nyine says:

    i actually love the necklace with the jacket. I think you had the right idea the first time around

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