Denim Boiler

leopard print ankle boots
YSL Johnny boots
denim jumpsuit
Denim overalls

nail bracelet

Denim jumpsuit: 1 year ago-ish from H&M.  Try G-Star.  Boots: YSL men.  Saw similars from JCrew, Ringo and 6pm. Nail bracelet: Local shop in Philladelphia. Similars CUSP. Moment of silence for the Cartier version. Hat: H&M Paris Collection. Similar at FreePeople. Bag:Alexander Wang (found in white on a rare sale)

Someone thought my jumpsuit was from APC – I was right chuffed.  I’ve had it since last year and you know it’s really only a matter of time before you start seeing the darker version and this tweed jumpsuit on the blog when it’s cooler.  Got to love recycling your wardrobe or just wearing your things regularly.  There’s a novelty…

I’ve had these YSL boots for years now but they still require someone else to pull the ruddy things off!  They’re called the Johnny boots and they came in loads of leathers and colors before they got discontinued. Now there are Saint Laurent versions but I love the originals – especially being that mine are mens shoes – not women’s.

ps. I know this is out of the blue but does anyone watch Homeland? I just watched end of season 2. Wow…

pps. I just finished watching Orange is the New Black last week.  If anyone’s not seen it please do.  Now I know why everyone was asking me to watch it!

Needless to say I’ve been binge watching on different shows on the box…

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