Patent Leather

patent leather pointy flats

Patent leather black pointy shoes are my favorite shoe right now and here’s 3 of them (and why).

cheap monday cube heel shoes
patent leather boots

Top: Kurt Geiger flats.  Middle: Cheap Monday cube ankle boots (on sale). Underground chelsea boots (check below for similars in patent).
I’ve been obsessed about bad ass pointy shoes for ages.  The glossy black leather and toe shape makes anything you wear cooler.  
I’ve thought about these three shoes individually for months (they’ve all appeared weeks ago on my Instagram) before  I finally caved on each. The top loafers are the most recent:  I let the whole summer come and go before pulling the trigger last week.  They’re a good switch from the usual winkle pickers.
The Cheap Monday cube heel booties in the middle are from this editorial. My jaw dislocated and hit the floor after seeing that.  Note: They’re on sale again.  Worn before on the blog here, I wear them with skirts, cropped jeans or skinnies. 
The Underground chelsea boots in the last photo should’ve been in my wardrobe years ago. You’ve seen them on me before here and here and they work with everything in my wardrobe.  They also remind me of the Miu Miu’s but for less spend although I thought these KG Kurt Geiger’s were a good alt if looking for a basic chelsea.

Patent shoes were my fave growing up as a kid so clearly this hasn’t changed much.

ps. Speaking of shoes, today’s the last day to get your own pair of free boots!  Enter here and I’ll pick the winner TOMORROW.


  1. Maggie Adofo says:

    Cool shoes lady! I’ve always has this irrational fear of point toe shoes because I’ve seen the damage they can do to one’s feet >_<

    Maggie A

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