Preview: Isabel Marant for H&M

Isabel Marant for H and M

Here are the pieces that I loved the most from today’s visit and how some of the pieces looked on me. 

Isabel Marant for H and M
Isabel Marant for H and M

These leather skinnies with lace up sides are as good as I had imagined and are my favorite piece from the entire collection.   The leather is thick and soft. They come in black and in white. They run true to size.

 I sized up to on the black ones to see how they would look with some slouch. Being real leather I think that over time the right size would eventually give anyway to produce the same relaxed effect. 

H&M for Isabel Marant
Isabel Marant and H and M

I tried on the  white ones in  a snugger fit.

I loved both colors but the white maybe gets the edge for being white leather.  A rarity on the high street and non existent in my wardrobe. 


I have a weakness for little ditsey tea dresses – especially vintage. They are my fave type of dress so seeing this one had Karen written all over it.  It’s delicate enough to contrast perfectly with any ankle boot.  I thought this ran a little small so get a size up. 


I used to wear black sequin leggings with blazers and seeing these brought that all back again.  These silver ones have a super warm soft lining so they feel like you are wearing wool leggings.  I could see these with an oversized knit jumper and ankle boots or heels.  Some of the sequins fell while trying on so not sure I’d pull the trigger but they are a pretty color combination.  Definitely go up a size up if you want them. 


Cropped red motor skinnies with oversized zip details…


I liked them in both the red and the black although I think the black had the edge.  I suggest you go up a size or two in these.  They run small even though they have some stretch.  Plus the additional slouch from a larger size will be more flattering versus being skin tight. 


These boots are the most identifiable piece to  Isabel Marant’s own label.  The suede is soft and the heel looks low enough to be walkable.  They stop at size 40.  I did not try these on. The ones on display were too small.  Needless to say I love them.  They remind me of my tan fringe boots which I’ve considered dying black several times. Having seen these boots in real life I would consider getting them or at least trying them on. 


The embellished little jacket.  This feels and looks very structured and reminds me of this red jacket from a couple of season ago.  I didn’t try this on but it feels thick and has a boxy cut which I loved. It’s a good alternative to a black leather jacket. 


Embellished heels to wear with leather or denim.  Again, not my size so didn’t try these on. 
I stopped by the H&M showroom to preview the collection up close.  
My top 3 pieces are the leather lace up skinnies, the fringe ankle boots and the cap sleeved tea dress.  The black motor skinnies in red and black are worth trying on if you don’t yet own a pair.  There are a couple of oversized dark wool coats that were great quality and would work well over any of the clothes.

I say one key piece here (maybe two) that works with your style is enough.  Like anything, head to toe in anything can look too literal. 

The collection drops November 14th.  It will also be available online.

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  1. 2 Mates and a Blog says:

    Oh my – this collection is amazing! I almost love every piece! The pointed embellished heels are beautiful!

    • Karen says:

      yes they are very pretty in real life. They’d be cute with anything really simple.

  2. Eileen says:

    THANK YOU KAREN for the sizing suggestions (I’m shopping online)!!! Like you said, I’m one of those ppl who have yet to own a pair of leather-esque motor pants. I love the tea dress though so I might get that instead OR that skirt with tied front in the same print!

    • Karen says:

      No problem. It’s important to know how the sizing runs so you don’t order wrong, especially if the size you should’ve got sells out. Hmmmm I like the dress because with a top over it, it would also look like a skirt.

    • Karen says:

      uh oh LOL! when I walked into the showroom yesterday I thought ‘sh*t I’m in trouble.

  3. Soul Pretty says:

    I love that you got a chance to try them on…that really gives us an idea of fit and look…I love the sequin leggings…and the boots…do you know the price points…and will the line be available online?

    • Karen says:

      online from nov 14th!! I recall the leather pants as 300 or just under? Not sure on the other pieces. Yes I was hoping you’d get an idea of fit with this post.

  4. The Fancy Routine says:

    Thanks so much for this post – I’ve been trying to search and figure out sizing and pricing so I know what to make a beeline for on the 14th!

    • Karen says:

      perfect! what pieces are you after?!

    • Karen says:

      I saw black for the boots. Yes the dress is great. Def go up a size!

    • Laura Ward says:

      Great! Thank you x x x

    • Karen says:

      They are in real life. Especially the luxe things ie. the leather, the beaded jacket.

  5. Sing of Singature Style says:

    I love the edgy look of the collection. I’m eyeing those boots for sure.

  6. Rory says:

    Karen, thank you for this post as I will be shopping online as well! That dress looks like a great piece to have. In your post you mentioned thinking about dying your other tan fringe boots… I am interested in doing the same thing for some tan suede ankle boots I own. Do you have any tips, or products to buy? I am not sure how to go about it!

    • Karen says:

      Hi! I don’t dye them myself I go to a favourite cobbler in the city and let them dye my shoes. I can’t deal with the mess and want something like shoes to come out perfectly.

  7. Rory says:

    Thank you Karen for this post! That dress looks like a great piece. I am interested in what you said about dying your fringe boots in black.. I own a pair of tan suede ankle boots that I would like to dye in black as well. Do you have any tips, or products you suggest buying? I have never done it but I am interested in the process.

  8. Jewelle says:

    O.M.G…like, I definitely NEED the lace-up skinnies (although not sure if white or black), the dress, the boots, heels and the cropped pants…damn it, I NEED IT ALL!!!…sigh…(as we speak tagging Nov 14th into ical)….at work, feeling totally unproductive now that I’ve seen this collection :-)….

    • Karen says:

      ha ha!!! you are hilarious. I like both the black and white lace up skinnies too.

  9. Sinead says:

    Oh, too bad the boots only go to size 40! I think I need a 41.

    The embellished jacket is the other item I’ve been contemplating, but I’m told it’s over $300, so maybe not. That’s a lot to spend on myself with the holidays just around the corner.

    Great post, Karen. Thanks so much for being a very reliable/honest set of eyes and ears for the rest of us.

    • Karen says:

      NP Sinead. I don’t want anyone to waste money buying the wrong sizes which is so easy to happen.

  10. Usha says:

    Hi Karen – this post is great! H&M sizing is all over the place for me so the fit reviews are so helpful. I am eyeing the white leather pants – if you don’t mind telling, what size are wearing in the photo above?

    • Karen says:

      I am wearing 6 in the white pants.

    • Usha says:

      Thank you!

  11. The White List says:

    Nice element with the photos of you trying them on. On the rack they’re hard to fully grasp but on you their awesomeness shines through! Your taste as always is impeccable!

    • Karen says:

      woah thank you. I agree you really do need to see it on the hanger then on a person. You need that split screen view to know how these clothes really look on someone. Especially collaborations.

  12. Anonymous says:

    all of the clothes look amazing but i cannot help but think there will be a riot on the 14th…..

  13. Maggie Adofo says:

    Those large sequin pants are soo your style! 🙂

    Maggie A

    • Karen says:

      I know I actually already own sequin skinnies in black!

  14. Sharon Lynch says:

    Hi, is the collection only available online to those countries that H&M already has an e-commerce site for? I live in Ireland and can’t buy items from H&M so just wondering if this will be the case for this collection? Also, do you know if the boots and shoes are true to size? thanks