Size Matters

boyfriend coat
oversized wool coat
large wool coat
shearing jacket
large wool coat
Bao Bao Issey Miyake

UK Elle November 2013

Grand Dad Stylee. Triple XL.  Call it what you want. I am 110% behind this whole too-big-for-me-so-it’s-perfect coat thing.  My fave here is that cream sheepskin jacket in pic #5…..*moment of silence* It’s so good I can’t take it (actually I can but you know what I mean).

 Heck I’d even settle with this ACNE shearling that haunts me every flipping year – I’m not fussy.

Supersize me pronto because I welcome anything cleverly disguised as both chic and food baby friendly.

Good thing I lean towards menswear coats since there’s a couple I have like this grey one that I am  2 seconds away from wearing am wearing later today!


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