A bit ladylike

crochet dress

Pics taken a few weeks ago in the cobweb dress which wasn’t too clear last week. 

dolce and gabbana sicily bag

topshop anny boots
white crochet dress
white lace dress

crochet dress

Dress:H&M. Coat: Zara Men.  (Seen before in this post last week) Bag: Dolce & Gabbana. Try this one from Topshop. Boots: Topshop (soo comfortable. Another pair of socks with heels attached). 
Pics taken a few weeks ago in the cobweb dress. You’ve seen it before in this post with monks. Wore it this time with the perfect ugly boots which are stupid comfortable. 
The man coat on top and lady like Queen mother bag finished it for me. I blame her for my life long interest in granny like bags. 
These shots were taken in a cafe where Michael and me pop into sometimes.  It’s peaceful and has the kind of large windows and natural light that I imagine in my head my living room does. 
ps. Hope you found yesterday’s post helpful!


    • Karen says:

      ah thanks Cyrena. It’s really about keeping your eyes open each time you are in a shop. Most of the time I don’t see any that work

    • Karen says:

      Thx I cannot tell you how comfy they are too

  1. Jane says:

    This bag looks so good !! Nice one 🙂

  2. Law whalebone says:

    Can’t believe that dress is H&M it looks designer, so pretty. Love the bag and boots too x

    • Karen says:

      I thought that the first time too. Reminds me a bit of Valentino

    • Karen says:

      Check the mens zara section! they tend to repeat styles like this.

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