Punk Pink

Balenciaga cut out boots
balenciaga cut out boots
oversized beanie
maison scotch coat

women's tweed coat
Balenciaga derby cut out boots

oversized wool coat

Coat: Scotch and Soda (mens). Similar from Asos. Seen before here.  Dress: Vintage.  Boots: Balenciaga (silver hardware here). Bag: Alexander Wang. Hat: Mens H&M. Check below for more similars!
Before you get on your high horse about bare legs now, I had a ride right after taking these pics so I chanced it.  Not happening now of course.  It’s all jeans, drop crotch pants or tights.
I miss wearing a good vintage sequin dress. LOVED the pink of this one with a men’s grey tweed coat on top (seen before in this post with creepers) and the Bal boots.  If you follow my Instagram and twitter you’ll know I sold the older ones with silver hardware.  I have a pet peeve re. hardware and would’ve given my left kidney to get the gold ones.  Had I not had them at all I’d have got these Jeffrey Campbells which look great on anyone I’ve spotted wearing them around New York.

I keep reading mags waffle on about its ‘acceptable’ to now wear sequins during the day but I don’t see many doing it on the streets. Fling a knit under it, tights and thermals and you are done – especially if the piece (like this dress) is baggy enough.  Use a thin belt for shape (optional of course).


  1. Nita Lappalainen says:

    I would definetly wear sequins at date time as well. No problems with that 🙂
    Love the outfit to bits. I wish i could get those real balengiacas. I only have the jc knockoffs..

    • Karen says:

      Honestly I’ve seen the JC’s worn AMAZINGLY on the street. Trust me. Made me realize it’s really about the person wearing them and their own sense of style.

    • Karen says:

      That’s true actually! thx!

  2. Fashion Musings Diary says:

    This coat is really killing it and, paired with the Balenciaga boots, it couldn’t look better!
    Well done!

    • Karen says:

      Oh what colour is yours?? I know not many wear it. I understand why though. Each to his own.

    • Laura Ward says:

      PINK! (which is a rarity for me) The hem is straight though (boooo) x x x

  3. Iris - ADASHOFFASH.COM says:

    Sequins are always a good idea! Especially now a lot of people seem to opt for dark outfits. It’s nice to stand out in a crowd! Pink looks good on you btw <3

    xoxo Iris

    • Karen says:

      thx Iris. It’s good to wear the opposite sometimes

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