Moss Blanket

acne shearling jacket

It’s a good thing I was in a car right after these photos.  I am determined to wear heels more often if it kills me.

acne velocite jacket
acne shearling jacket
Acne Velocite
Shearling coat
shearling coat
black skinny jeans

Jacket: ACNE.  Jeans: Zara. Shoes: Steve Madden. Hat: Mens H&M. Mens vneck: Zara
I’m basically in all black outside of the shearling jacket.  I lusted after this every winter so the cost per wear factor is about to get a heavy testing any time it’s cold.

For best budget buys I still say go vintage with shearlings (like this one). They’re fkg brilliant and look just as badass when you get a straight cut from the mens section.  

Otherwise check the links for cool ones online.  Don’t forget eBay and Etsy and size up for slouch. 

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