I had to ask Claire

new york fashion week

Claire is wearing a vintage fur jacket. Christopher Kane jumper.  Asos dungarees. Zara shoes. Tom Ford sunglasses and Proenza clutch.
I saw Claire three times during new york fashion week and loved every single look she wore. She was always in a mix of high street and designer with a brilliant use of combining colors – just like this one.
After shooting hundreds of people for days on end, Claire was one of my favorites. A brilliant example of high/low style.  Don’t get me started on her hair. Can you imagine if she keeps letting it grow out? As is she reminds me of a baby version of Julia Sarr-Jamois or Solange #crush


    • Karen says:

      baby Solange

    • Karen says:

      thx I really love this girls style

  1. Amber says:

    That purple sweater is to-die-for!! Thank you for keeping me entertained during fashion week and have a blast in London.

    • Karen says:

      no problem. I do wonder if you lot even like seeing these kind of photos….

    • amber says:

      Gosh YES! I am tuning into you every day. I usually attend Paris fashion week, however have sold my business so taking a step back and watching from the sidelines. Your blog is definitely on my top 3!! You are very natural and engaging.

    • Karen says:

      i know right. Good inspiration on how to wear a fur jacket

    • Karen says:


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