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Call me biased yes, but I love London street style.  I’m always asked what’s the difference between London and New York.  Generally speaking, London style feels more retro, experimental, rebellious and tomboy-like compared to New York. It’s not ‘who’ you are wearing but what and how you wear it. 
Vidal Sassoon asked me to snap some of my favorite bold looks both at fashion week and the street style in local neighborhoods which is right up my alley. Check my Instagram and Vidal Sassoon’s for more. 

I’m in London till Sunday so I’ll post more soon 🙂


  1. Harri says:

    I love London fashion, I love how individual everyone’s style is. Your blog is really cool as well, I love this post! 😀

  2. Naz says:

    Wow amazing looks great photos

  3. Eleanor says:

    these pictures are gorgeous! i LOVE what you saying about it all about rebellion… and HOW you wear something, rather than who made it. so perfect. digging all the colours. London is such a great city!

  4. angela l says:

    I love the pictures. The colors, the people, the clothing…. Really cool pictures!

  5. clarice says:

    lovely photo – the first one is really amazing!!!!

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