I had to ask Natalia

Natalie Kills
Natalie Kills

Natalia Kills is wearing a vintage fifties coat bought at a flea market in LA. No not the monthly Rose Bowl, somewhere smaller that opens weekly.  She mentioned that in London around Spitalsfield market there’s a vintage shop called Retro Woman that has the exact same coats. Also Etsy if you type in ‘fifties fur collar swing coat.’ 
Her sunglasses are by Karen Walker.

I stopped her walking out of Tea and Sympathy in the west village (yes I left my lunch to run out and tap her on the shoulder).


    • Karen says:

      I know isn’t it? perfect on her. It’s vintage but worn in a very contemporary way

  1. Romantic Tea says:

    Wow ! She’s beautiful.

  2. Courtney Franklin says:

    WTF!!!!???????????How did you manage to get Natalia Kills!!!!!?????? One of my favorite singers!!! So fashionable, artistic, not afraid to be herself!! I fukin LOVE Natalia kills!! Great post!!!

    • Karen says:

      We were at the same restaurant. I took the photo when she walked out

  3. Courtney Franklin says:

    I screamed when I saw the photos!! I fuckin LOVE Natalia Kills! She has AMAZING style!!! She is one of my favorite singers because not only does she have amazing style but she is also unique, artistic and she isn’t afraid to be herself. AWESOME post!!!!!!

    • Karen says:

      I’ve never heard her music. I’ll have to check it out.

  4. Matty Looker says:

    Wow, love her! She’s just amazing, like pure perfection, even more when you think about all those things she’s been trough!

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