body con dress

I haven’t worn a body con dress in years.  I’m rarely seen in them and
I’ve actually missed it.  A treat evening out was reason enough to ditch the usual baggy on top/heels on bottom blah and finally do the exact opposite – wear a body con.  Michael took these pictures before we left.

Nicole x Missguided
body con dress
form fitting black dress
little black dress
white leather jacket

bodycon dress

Dress & shoes: Nicole x Missguided.  Leather jacket: Straight to Hell. Clutch: Jerome Dreyfuss 
 I like that the dress is long sleeved and high necked with mesh sections.  Feels borderline sporty but still punk.   The longer length was a fave bit too versus if it was a mini. 
The white leather jacket was another last minute grab to kick off trying to break in the damn thing this spring, otherwise it would’ve been the usual black leather one(s). 
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ps. I did sling a shearling in the back of the mini, it’s not spring quite yet.  Almost though…

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