high waisted jeans

High waisted jeans!  You either love them or hate them. No middle.
For me I loved them after being okay with not covering my butt and hips.

high waist jeans

Nike liquid gold air max 1
chanel square mini
American Apparel high waist jeans
H&M suede jacket
Nike liquid gold

Jeans: American Apparel.  Lookalikes from Wrangler,  Asos or Cheap Monday. I want acid wash next! Crop top: Zara. Lookalikes from NastyGal or Milly! Trainers: Nike ‘Liquid Gold.’  Suede & leather jacket: H&M. Bag: Chanel. Shades: Ray-Ban
Let’s not beat around the bush. We know that the fashion industry applauds androgynous shapes: the flat front and back.  The straight up and down so clothes ‘hang just so’ which trust me I do get.
But I’ve started to realize sod this for a lark. If you have a shape then show it (Beyonce anyone?).  I think that body con post last week got me re-thinking things a little.
I found these jeans at the Battersea Flea Market in London for 20 pence. Yes, 20 pence.   For the price they were worth the fit risk.
Since then I’ve got another pair of high waisters (which you’ll see soon).  It’s like a light switch went off: not being vogue-arch-forward-hunched-shoulders-thin is okay actually.  Bonus for high waisters is no gaping in the back which converts know already.
ps. How badass is this bloody H&M spring jacket??? Anything that looks vintage…

My Instagram followers saw it already. 

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