Mixed Metals

acne velocite jacket

I can’t stand the promotion of sequins during Christmas and New Years.  Doesn’t it make wearing them a cliche?

Yea it’s still freezing out but nothing thick leggings can’t fix. 

acne shearling jacket

acne biker jacket
womens frye boots
sequin top
gold sequin jacket

Jacket: ACNE. Try here on this inexpensive site I found. Sequin top and skirt: Clock this cropped top to wear with skirts or jeans. Vintage. Boots: Thrifted. Bag: Chanel. Shades: Ray-Ban
….which is one of the reasons why I love wearing anything year round.  I wore this to do a couple of things in the city yesterday.  I ended up at City Bakery on 18th street per my Instagram (errrm the best hot chocolate fyi). 
You’ve seen the skirt more recently here in London with the navy knit jumper but by God did I like the combination of silver and gold sequins together – especially with the oldest and DIY hacked beat up boots.

You’ve seen the jacket before in this post with heels but went with the flat boots to get around.

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