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NY Adorned

I always knew it.  If I cut my hair short I’ll get more ear piercings. When my hair was long my ears were hidden.  I wore my hair down and focused on necklaces and the odd ring or bracelet instead. 
Now that the sides of my face are exposed I’ve become quietly obsessed with multiple piercings using delicate earrings. I’d never wear big, heavy earrings now that my ears can be seen, as they can cause your lobes to droop, or in extreme cases even tear. My friend once had to go to Park Avenue Skin Care for reconstructive work on hers for the same reason! I like to keep them nice and subtle instead.
This above thin hoop piercing was done by the brilliant J. Colby at NY Adornment in the east village. I have two more thin ones on the other ear in a different place by him.  Recommended by a fellow fashion blogger friend, I learned that Colby is known for placing dainty earrings in less expected parts of the ear eg. the helix, the tragus, the conch (my above hoop) etc. While sitting on his chair trying not to look at the approaching needle, I saw a section of his room full of pinned business cards from past clients. to Vogue to Refinery29. You name them, they’re on there.  I read that my girl crush Zoe Kravitz was a customer which of course sent my approval rating way up.

When he did the above thin hoop for me it was like having your first tattoo. As soon as I looked in the mirror I knew I wanted another one.  “OMG I love it!” my friend squealed when she saw the thin hoop. This is right after she just had Colby give her three ear piercings.  

You can check out his blog here.   So now the hunt for small but striking earrings starts.  I’m thinking of a teeny star stud similar to #4 below or teeny safety pin earrings or a simple bar.  If you visit NY Adorned you’ll get to see the prettiest ones to choose from.  Again, all small and delicate.

Are the piercings painful? Sure but a bikini wax is worse (to me).  Scale 1 to 10 it’s a 6.5 ish.

Below are some small cool ones that I found online and worth considering. All unique but small enough to not conflict with anything you wear.

Now to decide where to get my next ear piercing…

Badasss Stud Earrings

1.  ASOS Johnny Loves Rosie skull earrings.
2.  House of Harlow Tribal Pave earrings.
3.  Loren Stewart 14K gold safety pin earrings. 
4.  Elizabeth & James Compass earrings.
5. Teknici Peace Treaty earrings. I like the small size of these.
6. House of Harlow Talon Eagle earrings. 
7.  Erica Weiner Opal Triangle earrings. A cool shot of colour.
8.  Ginette NY 14k gold bar earrings.
9.  Rachel Rachel Roy crystal safety pin earrings. 
10. Gorjana Quick Draw earrings.
11. Pamela Love Sunburst earrings. 
12.  Push Skull earrings. I like the definition on these.
13. House of Harlow Marquis earrings.
14. Kristen Elspeth bar stud earrings. So good as part of a lobe stack.
15. Genevieve Jones 18k black gold safety pin earrings. These are tempting.
16. Rachel Rachel Roy Hematite safety pin earrings. 
17. Tom Binns pyramid earrings. 
18. Gorjana Chaplin earrings.
19. Stay Trill triangle earrings. 
20. Gorjana star set earrings. Wear both on one ear. 


  1. ediot says:

    great pieces. thanks for sharing. dig your hair cut

    • Karen says:

      no prob and thank you

  2. ange tombé says:

    Love it! Look up “minimalist earrings” on etsy and you’ll find tons of unique, dainty options in a variety of price ranges. I’m constantly buying single earrings and mixing and matching them, so be sure to ask the jewelers if you want half a pair 😉

    • Karen says:

      Thx for that tip! I agree on the mix matching. Some earrings are just meant to be worn as a single which is so unique.

  3. Fashionably Sparkly says:

    I love all the earrings you have chosen! I am not a huge fan of big earrings, so all of these are perfect. Thank you!

    • Karen says:

      Thx Yea I’m really into the small ones at the moment especially if you want to have multiples

  4. Jennine says:

    Oh wow! I love your hair! It looks amazing! And your earrings are perfect. I like the delicate look.

    Last year I asked my husband to get me the Anita Ko pyramid stud earrings, and he did, and I LOVED them, like I never took them out. Unfortunately, my son kept pulling at them and one of them was lost. I ended up getting pyramid stud earrings off Etsy to replace the Anita Ko ones, where were a fraction of the price. But now, I think I want different earrings and ear cuffs to add to the mix!

    So thanks for this post!

    • Karen says:

      oh wow those Anita Ko’s sound gorge. Yea it’s more personalized I think to get different earrings. like two or three pairs and just wear the single of each pair or something.

  5. Stacey M. says:

    how much does he charge for a piercing (procedure+jewelry)?

    • Karen says:

      The jewelry there isn’t cheap. Its 100 minimum I THINK being pure metals: pure gold etc. some earrings have diamonds as well. Stunning and to last forever obviously. Give them a call though to double check!

    • Karen says:

      ha ha! I know I took the time to really pick out what I’d wear which is basically all of them too

    • Karen says:

      Yea me too!!

    • Karen says:

      Thx. Feels good right?

    • Karen says:

      Thank you. I will be back for more of both

  6. Dee Gray says:

    I saw J. Colby at NY Adornment yesterday – he is amazing. In a few months I think I am going to get another one.

    • Karen says:

      Oh good! What did you have you done???!! what earring?

    • Dee Gray says:

      18K gold seamless ring 18 gauge – with a captive bead 1/8″ – I showed him your blog picture – he said Oh yes I know her

    • Karen says:

      Oh nice! where exactly did he place it on you? what are you thinking of getting next? Yes he’s brilliant isn’t he?

    • Dee Gray says:

      Also it was (almost) painless – just a little toe curling LOL – he is brilliant!!

  7. Dee Gray says:

    I copied you (sorry) but next I want the upper ear with a stud

    • Karen says:

      It’s ok. Cool spot. I’m toying over a couple of options on both ears. Enjoy! I love their earrings. So addictive

  8. says:

    Definitely a great post. Hats off to you! The information that you have provided is very helpful

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