I Got It At Walmart

Trophy jacket

Yes I’m in wally world.  The place for slashing DIY mens t-shirts at bargain prices so you can keep re-practising (long time readers might remember this Walmart slashed tshirt post) and for bulk buying Hanes plain tshirts and undies. 

sequin jacket
topshop arson boots
western boots
women's black denim jeans
Alexander Wang donna bag
sequin bomber jacket
vintage trophy jacket

Sequin jacket: Vintage. Try Iro, One Teaspoon, or this sick gold number. Bag: Alexander Wang. Jeans: Zara (DIY ripped). Try (on sale). Tshirt: Zara. Boots: Topshop

Don’t ask why I’m in the toy section. That was me looking for something for someone else.
I’m impressed that after all these years of owning this jacket I still love it and it’s still intact. The sequins are multicolored enough to go with anything.  The black trim is so good….
I’m surprised it hasn’t started to lose sequins yet. I’m sure that’s coming but I’ll still wear it. If you get one layer them over anything plain and basic and you are set.
Think I over did it on the jeans but that’s what experimenting is for. 


  1. PinkCheetahVintage says:

    I love this look. The slashed knees in the jeans are perfect.

  2. Andry says:

    The best jacket ever!

  3. Berty Morales says:

    I am in love with the jacket. You really have given me the idea of how to rock mine, and specially during the day. Very inspiring look. Love your hair too..xoxoxo

  4. byEclecticA says:

    Love the jacket/ankle boot combo. (Also, I peeped the Ziplock Space Bag in your cart because, yes, I’m nosy like that.)

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