Monochrome Spring

Black denim shorts

Some photos taken when walking around the quarter in New Orleans.

white birkenstocks

ray ban aviators

chanel square mini

Shorts: Forever21.  Try Equipment (on sale). Shirt: Forever21. Shoes: Birkenstock. Bag: Chanel. Try Rebecca Minkoff’s quilted version. Shades: Ray-Ban. Bracelet: Necklace wrapped around wrist. Try Lacey Ryan’s and wrap it around your wrist sometimes.  Wishbone necklace: Jennifer Zeuner.  Try Everlasting
We took the trolly from St. Charles to the quarter which was our main mode of transportation.  I wore an oversized white shirt with black denim shorts (found in New Orleans) and the Birks. The shirt has been with me for over a year now.  I re-stock on it or a baggy version of it since it goes with anything and packs down to nothing in the suitcase.  The Birks are basically outdoor slippers which I think we all owned at some point (ok not all of us but I did making them a familiar/practical sandal while here). 
We had brunch that day and spent about three hours checking out the local art, taking in the music, sight seeing blah blah. Read: We were trying to work off the brunch food baby which is pretty pointless since dinner later was just as calorific.


  1. Sinead says:

    You look beautiful, and I’m so glad to see that New Orleans has come back. Such a gorgeous city.
    Your hair is terrific. May I ask what you use to keep your edges (hairline) so smooth?

    • Karen says:

      Thank you lovely! I just got my hair relaxed about a week before the trip so that’s probably why its like that although my hair line looks like this normally too. I use a tiny flat iron to straighten from the roots and then just tuck it behind my ear. Hope that helps?

  2. Pree says:

    I love the monochrome look. I’m such a black and white girl though i’m trying to get more into color. Those birkenstock keep calling my name cause they look so darn comfortable!

    • Karen says:

      OMG they are!! Feels like flip flops but not as errr bad as flip flops. I want to wear more colour this summer too. REALLY bright colour.

    • Karen says:

      Defiintely do! I love these white ones so much

  3. Big Payne says:

    Young and cool…………….

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