Summer Mixology

acne jacket

Before going to a lunch I had these photos taken and realized who the f**k needs black when there’s color to experiment with.

Acne jacket
Acne motor jacket
Acne blue suede jacket
Sigerson Morrison Melania

blue suede jacket

Jacket: ACNE (found this local consignment shop!!). Try PAUL by Paul Smith, Shopbop or Shoptiques. Shorts + blouse:  French Connection.  Try Jean Paul Gaultier or one of these at Asos. Shoes: Sigerson Morrison (on sale). Try Alexander Wang (on sale too – heck what isn’t right now?),  Bag: Alexander Wang. Try DVF (yep – it’s on sale). 
The purple linen shorts are slouchy enough to avoid sausage leg syndrome – basically the same reason we wear ‘boyfriend’ styles. 
Most know that cobalt is a fave color (the jacket is a lucky find from here!!), so it took less than 10 seconds to pick these sandals  (the black, white and stone are also on sale).  Bonus: they are a unicorn meaning it’s a very walkable heel.  They’re kinda bendy flexible when you walk around or stand.

This means a lot coming from someone who’s just getting back into the heel thing.

The leo bag on top is my fun exclamation mark.  Gotta love a bit of leopard…

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