The Denim Jumpsuit

denim overalls

I wear this jumpsuit when I can’t think of anything else to wear and can’t be bothered doing a ten minute try on sesh.  

You know when you leave a pile of clothes on the bed.

denim jumpsuit
ray ban aviator

alexander wang marion leopard print bag
alexander wang marion

Denim jumpsuit: H&M. Try Topshop, G-Star,  Cynthia Rowley. Shoes: Prada. Try Topshop. Bag: Alexander Wang. Try DVF (on sale), ALC or  Jerome Dreyfuss. Shades: Ray-Ban. Nail bracelet: Random shop in Philli. Try Armitage

 I say make everything into jumpsuits – imagine the time saved.  They feel like outdoor approved onesies anyway so…
OMG can you imagine a sequined one?  Or maybe just the upper part is in a slouchy sequin so it looks like you are wearing a sequin top with jeans.  I. can.  seeeee. this…
Back to normality: I always wear this denim jumpsuit with ankle boots or some kind of flat shoe (usually a brogues like these) but no time like the present to whack out the lug heels instead.  The tractor like platform makes them comfortable plus tomboy girly.

God I can’t wait to wear them with socks. 

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