Navy Summer


I was doing a photography project around Lincoln Center and wore a recent find oversized jumpsuit to stay as comfortable and as ventilated as poss! 

studded birkenstocks
womens romper

birkenstock sandals

Jumpsuit: Jeremy Laing.  Try Just Female, Ragina, T by Alexander Wang.  Sandals: Target.  Try Birkenstocks, Sam Edelman, Giambattista Valli or these studded ones.  Shades: Ray-Ban foldable wayfarers.
This one was a Beacons Closet find.  I hadn’t been there in ages and sort of missed it.I feel like a jumpsuit is a good alternative to dungarees but is even faster to fling on.

Anything that cuts down the “wtf do I wear?” stress being that there’s nothing else to co-ordinate is a win.




  1. danielle1984 says:

    eff the jumpsuit , even though ya look FANCY. 🙂 Whats the tea on your arm workout regimen? So may pull ups and weight training and my arms STILL have no definition. #lifesux

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