That Studded Jacket

fuschia lipstick

I’m glad you lot liked the post on Tess last Friday.  Good isn’t she?  I’ll have more to come 😉

adidas stan smith

Topshop Unique jacket

stan smith

Bullet Spike Cuff

adidas stan smith
ray ban aviators

Shirt: Forever21. Jeans: Zara. Try MinkPink, Madewell or Topshop . Jacket: Topshop Unique. Try DVF (on sale). Shoes: Adidas Stan Smith (back in stock). Bag: Vintage. Cuff: Hermes. Brass nail bangle: Liberty United. Wood bead bracelet: Street vendor. Watch: Seiko. Cross necklace: Gift from Mum.  Wishbone necklace: Jennifer Zeuner (back in stock!).  Gold bar earring (lobe): Zady. Shades: Ray-Ban. Lipstick: Too Faced 

This is my typical look when I want everything to be stupid easy – read: comfort. Big shirt and big jeans. Done.

When thinking of studded jackets I normally think of leather biker ones so it’s cool to find one in blazer form.

This one’s been on WDUGT a few times (like here with spiked heels).  I found it the day that Topshop opened in New York. It was the only thing that I wanted that day so you can imagine how fast I flew up the escalators looking for it.  In classic clothes God luck, it was the last one left. It’s too big but I didn’t care – it was the last one!  Anything big equates to ‘boyfriend’ these days anyway.


  1. Jane says:

    Perfect match. The jacket is definitely a keeper!

  2. Sai says:

    Love the bar studs too!

  3. Dee Gray says:

    dang I miss my earring – had to take it out – but I can live though you!

  4. ayu says:

    look cool,, nice jacket

  5. Audrey Pi says:

    Hi, where I can find your bag please??

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