Van shoes

So I’m in Buffalo Exchange, the one around 24th street and 6th Avenue.
I saw this giant sleeved short dress and thought: “I’m having that!”

Ruffle sleeve dress
short black dress

Checked vans

Dress: Black Bead.  Try ShoptiquesRevolve,  Jens Pirate Booty. Shoes: Vans.  Bag: Kurt Geiger. Star necklace: (Can’t remember sorry!) Try one of these. Shades: Ray-Ban 
Anything that you can fling on and be out the door fast is a win.

I saw it in a few colors including orange and cobalt blue.  I tried on the black and cobalt and couldn’t decide and so asked on Instagram from the changing room.  The results were as split as my brain so that meant take both – which I did.

Normally I try and stick to brights colors but I like a good black dress especially in the summer.  Pulled off the shoulders, there’s enough skin showing to balance it all out.


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