Road Trip: Brimfield Flea Market!

Afghan jewellery

Photos from the flea market last week!I went back AGAIN on Friday with my friend Tess who wanted me to show her where I scored some of the jewelry I found.   I wore a DIY hacked mens tshirt with old shorts.  The necklace pile up was from my fave stall that sells KILLER Afghan trinkets.

flea markets in america

Tess was in heaven.  We both now have these necklaces.  You can see my feature on Tess’s style here.

Vendors told us that they see brand buyers like Free People there every year.

Brimfield Flea market

Fifties dresses. I loved the yellow one. I’d wear it during the day with hacked cowboy boots.

Brimfield market

Loads of stunning military style clothes. This one was $89.  I wanted to wear this as a long coat but the cut was way off *cries*.

vintage leather jacket

Vintage jackets and waistcoats.  Prices were usually under $100 give or take. Some under $50.

suede fringe jacket

I have a problem with fringed jackets. This one came home with me.

Angel wings


Angel wings for some badass home decor.  If I lived in a huge home I’d have these flank an entrance way.white long dress


The long dress that you saw worn on the first day with the Free People mirrored bag (similar from Topshop).   I’m wearing a necklace picked up from my fave seller mentioned above and a fringe jacket find close by also shown above.   The little wishbone necklace is from here.

Studded jackets


More studded clothes.

aztec backpack

Tess walking through a giant wrought iron salvage section.   Did you see my Instagram of a girl’s killer backpack??

the best US flea markets

Check out the price on this alligator bag.

cow hide rugs

Custom cow hide covered chairs



A vendors jewellery


I walked about 5 miles on each day (plus the 3 hour drive there and back!). These sandals were a God send. You can get them here.


Tess trying on a neck piece.

Brimfield market

While Karen goes Mr T.

studded belts

We both bought these belts. They came in different colors.   Killer low slung over denim or dresses and later over black leather skinnies.

Vintage camisole

Vintage cotton camisole.

cow hide rugs

Dozens of cow hide rugs for around $220 to $300. These retail in shops for up to $1000 easy.  I bought two for our home (yes I haggled). I need to show you on a decor updated post one day.

brimfield antiques market


That’s it till next year!Surplus pics went on my Twitter and Facebook.


    • Karen says:

      I know right?

    • Karen says:

      Thanks! It’s mens section at Walmart to very easy to find : )

  1. Simoon M says:

    Looks like a blast, love the bracelet you are wearing in that first photo. Not in love with the cow hides, sorry!
    Simona/OFF DUTY

    • Karen says:

      No apologies necessary. Everyone has a different taste! Thx re the bracelet. I hardly wear it

    • Karen says:

      so did I!!

    • Karen says:

      Their next opening is in September then next year.

    • Karen says:

      Thank you Malu : )

  2. Robyn Bourne says:

    Love the jewels and fringed jackets! Wish the flea market was closer to North Carolina!

    • Karen says:

      Are there good ones though around by you?

  3. Sasha says:

    Looks like a fun place!

  4. Jessica L says:

    What section do you find this stuff in? I’m only going to be there for one day and don’t want to spend half of it trying to find where this stuff is! 🙂 (WIll you be going this July?)

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