How To Destroy Your Denim Shirt

denim shirt

So one bored morning I destroyed a denim shirt.Here’s how to destroy yours.

destroyed denim jacket

This is a lightly distressed shirt from NastyGal.  I felt like destroying the shoulders but you can  destroy any areas.

destroy a denim jacket

1 cheesegrater
Safety pins (optional)

denim shirt

On a hard surface rub the pointed side of the grater on the denim. Keep the material pulled taught and rub the grater in one direction away from you.

how to distress a denim jacket


While distressing the front shoulder area I noticed a darker layer underneath. If you get the same shirt or another look out for it.  Snip it open with scissors and rip the top layer off with your hands if the shirt is soft enough to expose the darker denim underneath.  Use scissors if the denim is tough.

distressed denim shirt


Flip the shirt to the back and remove the top layer of denim again around the back of the shoulders to expose that darker denim underneath. If your shirt doesn’t have that top layer then skip this part.



Once a denim area is destroyed enough with the grater use your hands to rip open the shredded holes in the denim.


Here is the finished back view.


Denim shirt: NasyGal. Slip dress: Random (old). Handcuff necklace: Jennifer Zeuner

Note: You can add safety pins to close up over zealous rips like I did on one sleeve.


This one is pretty destroyed on the shoulders which is what I wanted.  On yours you can continue further down or leave as is.DIY a cheap denim jacket like this one or a denim shirt for a practice run.

If you can’t be bothered then I saw this cool destroyed denim jacket or a gently ripped take from Topshop.  More pre-ripped options:




  1. Simoon M says:

    Good way to take the anger and boredom out! Haha, looks good on you, I would look weird!

  2. Tanya says:

    I love the nails and rings.

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