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maxi skirt

When I asked my friend where did she get this skirt she was as chuffed as I would’ve been had someone asked me. 

Chanel lambskin medium flap


The thin rings are from Catbird in Brooklyn.  The larger gold ring is my late grandmothers. I bought the other rings to compliment it.  

Celine Ghellie Sandals

Drapey Shirt: Forever21.  Skirt: Forever21.  Bag: Chanel. Sandals: Celine. Best lookalike is KG’s Natalie – spotted on Asos and House of Fraser.   Hat: H&M. Cuff: Liberty United. Try Giles & Brother.  Shades: Ray-Ban. Thin gold rings: Catbird.  Try one of these stacks

The Chanel bag and Celine sandals (my summer creepers) are eBay finds.

The skirt is long enough to wear literally on the ground (my preference).  It’ll be in tatters half way into Autumn when it’s layered over jumpers.

Don’t forget to check out Where Did U Get That Street for street style photos of where people find their looks.



    • Karen says:

      I’ll tell Michael that you said that!

    • Karen says:

      Thanks me too. It’s worth the chump change

  1. bodeoo says:

    Love this! Check out for latest clothes and for DIY tips, the latest trends and more <3

  2. Debby says:

    Absolutely love!

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